Ejaculation By Command Review – Should You Really Buy It?

Welcome to Ejaculation By Command Review. To spice up your monotonous, weak, and dull sex lives, we present you with the very unique Ejaculation By Command. Now, this is not the name of a pill or a cream that you would put on to please your woman to her fullest.

It is a simple guide that helps men to reach their full potential in bed, leaving their beloved partners utterly bedazzled.

Ejaculation by command review provides information on neurochemical feedback techniques to help improve male stamina to last longer in bed.

What Is Ejaculation By Command?

Ejaculation By Command is an entire program designed especially for the men –who are at the brink of ending their relationships with their loved ones due to being a not-so-strong and pleasurable guy in bed.

This foolproof program has been brought to existence to help such helpless men meet all the requirements of their better halves and give them a sexual experience like never before.

Nothing can be as embarrassing and disappointing as failing to please your better half during one of your precious nights.

Not only does it feel like a tight slap to your manhood, but also makes you a laughing stock in your partner’s mind.

She might never confront you regarding this matter, since women, by default, do not find it comfortable in discussing such things openly, even with their loving partners.

However, once you reach the extremities of boredom and lack of spark in giving her the pleasure she very well deserves, then it might not take too long for her to find someone new and settle down with them.

You would not even know when things escalate in this manner, as women are characteristically built in a way where they can seal their emotions, and make a humble and respective exit from your life.

Thus Ejaculation By Command is to your rescue – to save yourself from the embarrassment, and your relationship from falling apart.

With this extensive sex improvement program, you get to master this pleasurable art in no time.

It includes a core protocol (the main guidebook) and 5 supporting elements comprising audio files, PDFs, and exclusive memberships to gain access to the latest research and studies developed by the creator of this program.

Learn to take control over the rush of overexcitement running down your nerves when your woman sultrily invites you to the bedroom. Take things slow and steady, and be the man of her dreams.

Ejaculation By Command

Ejaculation By Command

Who Created Ejaculation by Command?

Lloyd Lester is the author of Ejaculation by Command. After dealing with premature ejaculation for years, he reached out to his friend who is a leading expert and coach in the male enhancement industry who addresses these types of issues.

What he learned (and what stopped his premature ejaculation) is exactly what you get with this program.

How Lloyd Lester’s Ejaculation By Command Works

  • The main aim of this program is to help men last longer in bed, besides giving their partners ultimate pleasure and an unmatched experience.
  • Ejaculation By Command recommends no use of creams, pills, painful weights, or numbing condoms to help men regain their sexual stamina.
  • The instructions laid out in the core guide helps men understand the part the human brain plays, while sex is being performed.
  • Therefore, Lloyd gives out the tried and tested techniques that help men control their excitement by reducing their extreme sense of arousal. The program is segmented into 6 parts:

Ejaculation By Command Core Protocol – This is the main guidebook containing all the instructions, mind control techniques, and advice on how men can gain complete control over their pleasure response.

It contains varied methods that diminish pre-sex nervousness, enable you to tap pleasure chemicals into your woman, make you capable of holding back your load for 50% longer, and breathing exercises to calm you down and help you last longer.

Exclusive Audio Companion Protocol – The high-quality audio files engrave the techniques of ejaculation control permanently in your brain.

They can be heard alongside any of your chores – be it traveling to work, exercising, or cooking a fine meal for your loved one.

15 Emergency Techniques to Last Longer – If you are in a hurry to please your woman, then this handbook is the perfect read for you.

It introduces you to Refractory Advantage, something that can help you last 3 times longer.

It also labels key ways to increase your stamina by 30% – 50%, enabling you to gift your woman an eye-rolling orgasm session.

Ejaculation By Command Quick Start Guide – If you are too excited to see your full potential on the bed, then make tonight amazing with this quick start guide. It has all the neurochemical feedbacks in it to help you win her heart.

Premium Lifetime Updates – Enjoy premium updates free of cost with the purchase of this program. Get quick access to Lloyd’s latest research findings to make your sex lives even better.

Priority 1-On-1 E-Mail Support + Private Membership Content – With this, reach out to Lloyd personally for any help regarding your sex life.

You can email him and get an instant response from the professional himself, on the very same day.

Ejaculation By Command

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What You’ll Learn in Ejaculation by Command

Ejaculation by Command is the ultimate blueprint for learning how to get to the root cause of premature ejaculation safely and naturally, so you can eliminate it permanently.

It’s a comprehensive program that focuses on using neurochemical techniques to overcome the mental and physical issues causing you to climax early.

The program comes with several guides, audios, and support for a complete healing process that tackles the problem from all angles. Here’s a quick look at what those are:

  • The Core Protocol
    1. Techniques for demolishing the mental barriers holding you back
    2. Powerful techniques for tapping into your brain to give you full control over your arousal
    3. Pre-game sequences to eliminate nervousness
    4. Breathing techniques for prolonging your climax
  • The Exclusive Audio Companion Protocol
    1. The entire program in audio format
  • 15 Emergency Techniques to Last Longer
  • Start Guide
  • Premium Lifetime Update
  • 1-on-1 Email Support

Within these, you learn simple neurochemical techniques, complete with step-by-step instructions, mind distraction techniques, breathwork exercises, mindfulness techniques and much more.

Ejaculation By Command

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What else do you get along with Ejaculation By Command?

The emergency tactics mini-book is full of tips that you work on straight away. It has a lot of unique ideas that can be put to the test immediately and on the spot.

This guide is a very useful addition as it summarizes the training exercises in the main book if in case you do not have the time to read through the entire Ejaculation By Command book.

There is also an audio companion as well, so you could choose to download it and listen to it on the move.

Listening is an easier and more effective way to learn. You could choose to download the entire book, or just a few sections.

There are several other sex guides that are provided for good measure and for leisure reading.

Ejaculation By Command

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How long will Ejaculation By Command take to see the results?

Lloyd believes that it will take approximately 60 days for you to assimilate the training content and imbibe it as your second nature.

It means you will have to persist with the training for 60 days to see results.

If you have struggled with the problem for a long time, 60 days more is not a big deal.

Any learning requires you to absorb the material enough to make it a part of your thought process.

It requires repetition and understanding of the techniques.

As mentioned in Ejaculation By Command review, you will have to allow your body to adjust to the new information and your brain to prepare a new approach to an old problem.

Lloyd is so sure about the techniques in his book that he has offered a total refund of your money if you are not seeing any improvement even after 60 days of sticking with the methods in Ejaculation By Command.

By doing this, he has taken away all risks associated with your purchase, and you can focus on improving your life fearlessly.

Ejaculation By Command

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How can you get your hands on Ejaculation By Command?

You can buy Ejaculation By Command from the official website.

Although Ejaculation By Command book and its accompaniments are priced at USD $455, the Author is offering a special discounted price of USD $49 only.

There are no details on how long the discount will be available.

The purchase is backed with a total refund guarantee in case you do not see any tangible results due to the practice of the techniques prescribed in this Ejaculation By Command book.

The money-back-guarantee ensures your money, and you are liberated to boldly choose your transformation by purchasing the book.

The book does not require you to consume external medication or take up arduous training.

It teaches you how to control your own body using your faculties.

Is Ejaculation By Command for you?

Ejaculation By Command teaches neurochemical feedback techniques that can be used by anyone.

There are no age restrictions or other limitations to the usage of these techniques.

According to Ejaculation By Command review, it is psychological training to control your body response to sensations.

Since it does not involve any physical activities or arduous training, the techniques can be used by anyone without any conditions.

Moreover, as compared to other means involving medication or medical treatment, Ejaculation By Command relies on your abilities and is free of any side effects.

Ejaculation By Command

Ejaculation By Command

Pros and Cons of Ejaculation By Command 2020


It provides you with a permanent and natural solution– and that is the best thing about this guide.

Instead of having to work it out through expensive drugs, pills, or surgeries which do not last long.

As mentioned in Ejaculation By Command review, it provides you the best results in a cheaper and more effective method.

It has no false claims– The eBook has made no false claims. Everything written here has been tested or exercised by experts and is backed up by science. Unlike most false claims over the internet, this eBook is a hundred percent genuine and safe.

Provides you with lifetime customer service- Lloyd Lester offers you lifetime customer service support for its customers, so if in case you need any help or query, you can send an email which will be responded to in less than ten hours.

Money-back guarantee– Ejaculation By Command book comes with an eight-week money-back guarantee in case you think that the product isn’t working for you.


Ejaculation By Command book is a wonderful guide to ejaculation control. It has earned the reputation of being the most knowledgeable and most reliable eBook that can quite literally change lives.

If you would like to read up on how this has changed and touched several lives all over the world, check out the Ejaculation By Command reviews.

It is made up of techniques that you can practice alone and also a range of positions and ways that you and your partner can try to get set the mood for the proper pleasure that you and your partner deserve.

It is a wonderful guide as it summarizes ideas that don’t really need practice but are just key adjustments to proper and healthy sex life.

The Final Verdict

Sexual wellness is an essential part of any relationship.
Ejaculation By Command helps you build your personal life by teaching you techniques that are generally not taught anywhere else.

The author shares his own tried and tested methods which changed his life for the better.

At just a standard price with a money-back guarantee, you get a chance to unlock secrets to your sex life and improve it significantly.

Rather than try out other methods like medication and treatment, the book presents a straightforward, safe, and efficient solution for any person of any age group to try out.

As per Ejaculation By Command review, Ejaculation By Command book is a must for you if you are facing problems in your relationship or marriage due to low sexual drive or lack of stamina.

Moreover, by purchasing Ejaculation By Command book, you also get direct access to the Author to address any queries you may have regarding your problems and can tap into his experience of helping thousands of men before you.

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