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Leptitox Reviews: Effective Fat Burner or Fad?

We know how stubborn body fat can be. It will act like your clingy ex whenever you try to get rid of it. If you’re greeted by a bulging tummy every time you look in the mirror, fear not. You’re not alone.

Achieving your ideal figure is never as easy as people claim. Going on a strict diet or paying a hefty amount for a gym membership is really not everyone’s cup of tea.

Lots of different weight loss pills take up space on supermarket shelves, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll work. How can you tell which is which?

We have found one that actually does what it claims. Leptitox is the first weight-loss supplement to include thorough usage guidelines.

With Leptitox, you can truly lose weight without going on a crazy diet or exercise routine.

leptitox review

What is Leptitox?

Leptitox is a supplement that is supposed to help detoxify the body of endocrine-disrupting chemicals to correct leptin resistance.

Leptin is a hormone produced by excess fat that directs the body in terms of alerting when the body has had enough to eat and what to do with the energy in store.

In a properly functioning organism, the moment food intake reaches a certain threshold, the leptin hormone is released, signaling to stop eating.

Since most people looking for weight loss supplements have higher fat stores, the process becomes more complex.

Although higher fat stores would imply a higher release of leptin, the saturation of the hormone in the bloodstream leads to an insensitivity known as leptin resistance.

When a person becomes leptin resistant, it becomes more difficult for the body to recognize the “stop” command proposed by the hormone and overeat. Overeating then further increases fat stores and decreases leptin response.

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How Does Leptitox Work?

According to Morgan Hurst, the culprit behind stubborn fat, ignored by the existing weight loss industry, is leptin resistance caused by an abundance of endocrine-disrupting toxins in the body.

Leptitox is meant to assist the body in cleansing itself from these toxins which with the population are so often in contact.

Hurst mentions several studies that seem to indicate a correlation with these chemicals and leptin resistance, but I have not verified this.

According to the website, some of the sources of these endocrine-disrupting chemicals are:

BPA: found in food storage plastics and water bottles

TBT: found in paint, pesticides and certain material preservatives

PFOA: a man-made heat resistant chemical used in non-stick cookware

DEHP: another man-made chemical used primarily is plastic production to assist with elasticity

ZEA: a mycotoxin that can be used to expedite growth in cattle.

The claim is that through the recipe shared by a Malaysian native, in addition to eleven hand-picked ingredients by Sonya Rhodes, Leptitox can help mitigate the effects of such chemicals.

Leptitox Ingredients

Although Leptitox is a proprietary blend, meaning that the full list of ingredients is unknown, the website does offer a substantial amount of information about what goes into a Leptitox capsule.

Here is a list of ingredients mentioned on the website, and some of their supposed benefits:

Milk Thistle – Supports weight loss, promotes liver health, reduces insulin resistance
Apium Graveolens Seed – Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer properties
Jujube – Helps with insomnia, regulates blood circulation, regulates blood pressure
Grapeseed – helps with kidney function, antioxidant, protects the liver
Alfalfa – Antioxidant, anti-diabetic, lowers cholesterol
Chanca Piedra – helps with constipation, helps kidney health, protects the liver
Taraxacum leaves – Helps with weight loss, fights inflammation, antioxidant
Brassicas – Antioxidant, promotes digestive health, supports the immune system
Barberry – Antioxidant, lowers blood sugar, protects against metabolic syndrome
N-acetyl cysteine – Supports antioxidating activity, assist with liver damage, regulates blood sugar
Burdock Root – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps with blood cleansing
Choline – boosts metabolism, supports liver health, supports cell health
Chicory root – supports gut health, aids the digestive system, helps with blood sugar levels
Methionine – Assists with protein development, helps maintain liver health, helps with skin health
Feverfew – Anti-cancer properties, supports skin health, assists with pain relief
According to the Leptitox website, the entire blend consists of 22 100% natural ingredients made in an FDA and GMP compliant facility in the US.


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How Does The Leptin Hormone Work Exactly?

Together with insulin, ghrelin, and cortisol, leptin is one of the hormones responsible for the good functioning of your body and your health.

Specifically, leptin regulates the feeling of satiety by communicating with the hypothalamus in your brain.

Normally, after eating your body fat cells go up, making your leptin levels to go high and communicate satiety, prompting you to stop eating. Conversely, low leptin levels signal hunger to your brain, prompting you to eat.

Overweight people have even higher than normal leptin levels, which should prompt them to stop eating, women particularly so as they normally have twice as much of leptin levels as men.

Unfortunately, the correct response from the high levels of leptin is disrupted by an unfortunate and very real phenomenon called “leptin resistance”, which sends your body into a self-fueling circle of hunger.

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Leptitox Dosage

The recommended dosage of Leptitox is two capsules per day, one before breakfast and one before dinner, to be taken with a glass of water.

Leptitox is just a supplement, so there is no need to follow any particular diet plan or exercise routine, but of course,

it makes sense to follow a healthy food regimen and/or an exercise plan along the way, if possible, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Best Features of Leptitox

There are multiple qualities of Leptitox that make it a suitable supplement for everyone fighting leptin resistance and toxin overload. Let’s look at some of the best features of this product that makes it different from others.

•It has a natural composition

Leptitox contains no artificial chemicals or ingredients that may cause side effects. Instead, it only contains natural ingredients that have been sourced from top-notch sources to make sure that it delivers the expected results.

•It is backed by thorough research

The formula of Leptitox has not been put together merely on the basis of imagination. Instead, each and every component of this product has been through multiple rounds of research. Clinical studies have been performed to make sure that Leptitox serves its purpose well.

•It is easy to use on a daily basis

You do not need to plan a new schedule just to fit Leptitox in your daily routine. The supplement is available in the form of capsules that you can carry with you everywhere and swallow simply with a glass of plain water with no complex instructions.

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What Are The Side Effects, If Any?

Leptitox is an all-natural, FDA approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified supplement made using selected plant extracts that don’t carry risks of side effects and so far, there hasn’t been any report of any adverse effects.

However, you should always use your common sense and if you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients, herbs, plants in the formula,

then you should not use it. Or if you have a medical condition you should ask for your doctor’s clearance before using Leptitox.

Leptitox is made using the latest equipment and then put through third party inspections and quality control to guarantee the safest possible product.

Is Leptitox Safe?

As far as safety is concerned, Leptitox is 100% safe and equally effective. As mentioned before, it only contains natural ingredients all of which have been properly researched and studied for side effects.

Because it lacks any artificially-created or synthetic components, you will not experience any side effects with Leptitox.

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The Leptitox Inventor

Morgan HurstThe man behind Leptitox is called Morgan Hurst. He is a regular guy with a wife and kids who became involved with weight loss as a result of his wife becoming overweight after pregnancy and needing help.

A chance discovery in Malaysia while on a working trip led him to create the plant concoction now called Leptitox, even though the path to the finished product was not an easy ride to start with.

Not being a doctor himself, he enlisted the help of physicians to formulate the correct ingredients and ratios for the most effective and safe formula.

Next, he found the large facilities suitable for production and had the supplement FDA approved for trade.

Today Leptitox is running full steam with countless satisfied customers.

What is Leptitox: Is It Genuine?

This fantastic product is the brainchild of Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes. Morgan came up with the idea of Leptitox after years of watching his wife struggling to maintain her weight.

Now the manufacturers are ready to share their secrets with the world.

This quality product is manufactured in an FDA-approved lab and has helped many people finally lose that ugly, unwanted fat.

The best part is that it achieves this naturally, by increasing your body’s metabolism and balancing your hormones out.

If you’re looking for more proof, just read the raving reviews by satisfied customers on their official site.

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Where to Buy Leptitox?

Leptitox can be easily purchased from the official website. All you need to do is visit the official webpage, click on the buy now link beneath the desired category, and you will be immediately transferred to the adjacent page.

Once the page opens fill in all the necessary information like email address, phone number, shipping information, and then proceed to pay either through Paypal or debit card through the fully secured payment gateway.

leptitox price



Weight loss can seem impossible, but Leptitox takes all the pain and uncertainty away. Just follow the proper guidelines while taking the supplement, and fat will stop being the number one problem in your life.

Getting your system detoxified will automatically leave you feeling much more energized. You can say goodbye to sluggish behavior. You’ll be feeling pumped up and active, and much more ready to actually do some exercise.

Leptitox is there to make your weight loss journey faster and hassle-free. If you’ve been struggling with excess weight and stubborn fat for years, this product is the only and final solution to your problems.


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